The disruptive technology leader in

E2E Supply Chain Execution System (“SCES”) software market

Best-in-class warehouse management systems

Use 30-year-old scanning technology, manual decisions, and an integrated approach with no standardized platform strategy.

No capacity to achieve seamless E2E functionality that spans functional domains.

Locanis Site Optimizer 360° Supply Chain Execution System

Disruptive new platform strategy technology from Locanis – Standardization, Automation, and Optimization.

System-run decisions and patented “push” task technology support today’s and future digitalization and flexible business models.

Best-in-class Legacy WMS
“Silo Optimization”

  • Legacy best-in-class WMS use 30-year old scanning technology, manual decisions, and inventory management with silos of visibility and with no dynamic RTLS capabilities.

Site Optimizer 360° SCES
“Seamless E2E Synchronized Optimization”

  • Holistic transparent technology with no need for scanning. Synchronizes and optimizes all manual and Automated Material Handling System tasks with built-in dynamic RTLS capabilities.

Locanis Site Optimizer 360° SCES Advantages

  • Ready for the future. The Site Optimizer 360° SCES sets itself apart from other best-in-breed WMS vendors. Site Optimizer 360° SCES is the only software in the world that can replace task management logic for automated material handling systems and centralize orchestration and execution of tasks and movements in ONE intelligent software.
  • Disruptive unique technology. Intelligent patented push-task technology distributes tasks to in-motion assets, resources, and inventories, not the last scanned location, method used by all best-in-breed legacy WMS solutions.
  • Clear business case. Proven facts, up to 50% reduction of assets, operators, and other resources, less than six months ROI. Efficiency and productivity increase at all levels within the company.
  • Productivity increase. Site optimizer 360° E2E Supply Chain Execution System has a clear goal,  Standardization >> Automation >> Optimization. 100% task-orientated software where the only goal is to create the perfect flow through your operations, increase productivity, and provide real-time transparency and accountability on all levels.
The only software in the world that

covers all four levels of RTLS integration

Locanis Site Optimizer 360° Supply Chain Execution System sets itself apart from traditional legacy WMS vendors as it is the only software in the world that covers all four levels of RTLS integration

Levels of RTLS integration

  • Level 4: One central software solution that synchronizes and optimizes all manual and automated material handling systems (“AMHS”) tasks through one central pool of work
  • Locanis Site Optimizer 360° can replace the task management logic from the various AMHS systems and other systems and centralizes the orchestration and execution of all tasks and movements in ONE system
  • Level 3: “Black box” or silo integration with 3rd-party AMHS such as AS/RS, AGVs, robotics and others, to provide a dynamic 3D real-time data visualization of all WMS and AMHS movements
  • Legacy solutions can only integrate with AMHS and are not able to show dynamic view of all in-motion assets (manual and automated) as well as 3D real-time working view
  • Level 2: RTLS data and pinpoint positioning used as foundation for task optimization and management of all manual in-motion assets, resources and inventories
  • Legacy WMS solutions have little (if any) RTLS capabilities and no interactive 3D working view
  • Level 1: Using RTLS to create a dynamic visualization of operational movements inside a facility
  • Just a visualization of moving assets, no task management or inventory management
  • Level 0: Traditional legacy warehouse management systems based on scanning and inventory management without dynamic in-motion RTLS capabilities
The Locanis Site Optimizer 360° is the

only SCES software developed and based on the use of RTLS technology

What is a SCES based on a Real-Time Location System?

  • Locanis’ SCES is the only software that is developed to include dynamic location sensors that are attached to various in-motion assets, resources and inventories such as forklifts, AGVs, robots, manual operators or even a person walking through the facility
  • Utilizing unique IDs, the Locanis’ SCES can dynamically locate and track these tags/assets and provide dynamic information about performance and pinpoint position (X, Y, Z)

So why is this disruptive and unique?

Locanis Site Optimizer 360° solution is the only one that can provide the following features:

  • True real-time, accurate pinpoint mapping of all operational in-motion assets, resources and inventories on the site (forklifts, AGVs, robotics, etc.) as well as the true dynamic view of granular inventory
  • License plate control of inventory without the requirement to scan bar codes for each movement
  • Labor management based on actual travel paths, not forecasted engineered paths
  • Intelligent rule-based task management for all site task movements based on actual operational in-motion assets, resources and inventories, not the last location scanned (the method used by all legacy WMS solutions)
  • Holistic optimization of in-motion assets, resources, and inventories
  • Only SCES with US patent based on optimized task management
  • Think Uber vs. traditional taxi dispatch
What does the


By utilizing Real-time Location Tracking Systems (RTLS) technology as a cornerstone of their WMS and Workforce Management Solutions, Locanis has developed a “game changer” in the Supply Chain Execution software market. Their technology allows them to dynamically optimize task management and task interleaving across the warehouse for all in-motion assets including lift trucks, robots, AGVs, trains, etc. This greatly reduces congestion and provide task productivity reporting based on actual warehouse travels paths. I’ve been in the Supply Chain Execution market since the late 80’s and have global experience with all of the WMS and Workforce Management solutions, the Locanis’ patented software is quite unique and has the potential to be very disruptive to the legacy WMS status quo. Legacy WMS solutions are comparable to the old taxi systems, Locanis is like Uber.

-John Sidell, New Course, Principal and Founder



Work in 3D interactive mode, predictive, and prescriptive real-time analytics to solve issues even before they become a problem.

Social Distancing

Create a safe work environment in Locanis SCES. Create pathways for visitors and configure the system that only a certain amount of assets or resources are allowed in defined areas (geofencing).

Track the in-motion position of each employee in both warehouse and production areas.

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