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E2E Supply Chain Execution System (“SCES”) software market

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  • Customer acceptance demonstrated in projects for industry-leading corporate clients

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  • Locanis´ patent exclusively protects navigation and location (e.g. RTLS) based task optimization assignment with manual and automated industrial trucks (forklifts, AGVs, robotics etc.) within industrial sites (yard, warehouse, production facility etc.)

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  • Disruption of traditional silo-based supply chain framework (holistic supply chain intelligence in one system)
    • Based on RTLS data for pinpoint positioning of all in-motion assets (forklifts, AGVs, robotics etc.), resources and inventories
    • 3D interactive real-time data visualization of entire site operations
    • Intelligent rule-based decisions for task management using proprietary algorithms (patent protected in the US)
    • Push technology allows holistic, orchestrated and optimized distribution of logistics tasks, in both warehouse and production environment
  • High level of standard functionalities, easy to adopt to customer needs (plug & play, easy to scale-up, configuration instead of coding)


With smart algorithms, pinpoint positioning (RTLS) and push technology Locanis’ SCES software disrupts the traditional silo-based framework by holistically integrating and optimizing all tasks within the customer’s site operations

Traditional offering: “Silo“ – based task automation



Lift Trucks


  • Existing legacy systems do not truly integrate with in-motion assets and have “silos of automation” within the operations
  • Existing legacy solutions are not based on RTLS and can not synchronize and optimize tasks across all automation platforms

Locanis offering: “Holistic and optimized“ end- to -end supply chain intelligence in ONE system for all site movements

  • Locanis is the only RTLS-based SCES that overcomes the traditional “silo“-based framework
  • Based on RTLS data, Locanis Site Optimizer 360° holistically orchestrates and optimizes all tasks and resources in one system
  • The software links the entire logistics chain and combines warehouse and production logistics environments
The Locanis Site Optimizer 360° is the

only SCES software developed and based on the use of RTLS technology

What is an SCES based on a Real-Time Location System?

  • Locanis’ SCES is the only software that is developed to include dynamic location sensors that are attached to various in-motion assets, resources and inventories such as forklifts, AGVs, robots, manual operators or even a person walking through the facility
  • Utilizing unique IDs, the Locanis’ SCES can dynamically locate and track these tags / assets and provide dynamic information about performance and pinpoint position (X, Y, Z)

So why is this disruptive and unique?

Locanis Site Optimizer 360° solution is the only one that can provide the following features:

  • True real-time, accurate pinpoint mapping of all operational in-motion assets, resources and inventories on the site (forklifts, AGVs, robotics etc.) as well as true dynamic view of granular inventory
  • License plate control of inventory without the requirement to scan bar codes for each movement
  • Labor management based on actual travel paths, not forecasted engineered paths
  • Intelligent rule-based task management for all site task movements based on actual operational in-motion assets, resources and inventories, not the last location scanned (method used by all legacy WMS solutions)
  • Holistic optimization of in-motion assets, resources and inventories
  • Only SCES with US patent based on optimized task management
  • Think Uber vs. traditional taxi dispatch
The only software in the world that

covers all four levels of RTLS integration

Locanis Site Optimizer 360° Supply Chain Execution System sets itself apart from traditional legacy WMS vendors as it is the only software in the world that covers all four levels of RTLS integration

Levels of RTLS integration

  • Level 4: One central software solution that synchronizes and optimizes all manual and automated material handling systems (“AMHS”) tasks through one central pool of work
  • Locanis Site Optimizer 360° can replace the task management logic from the various AMHS systems and other systems and centralizes the orchestration and execution of all tasks and movements in ONE system
  • Level 3: “Black box” or silo integration with 3rd-party AMHS such as AS/RS, AGVs, robotics and others, to provide a dynamic 3D real-time data visualization of all WMS and AMHS movements
  • Legacy solutions can only integrate with AMHS and are not able to show dynamic view of all in-motion assets (manual and automated) as well as 3D real-time working view
  • Level 2: RTLS data and pinpoint positioning used as foundation for task optimization and management of all manual in-motion assets, resources and inventories
  • Legacy WMS solutions have little (if any) RTLS capabilities and no interactive 3D working view
  • Level 1: Using RTLS to create a dynamic visualization of operational movements inside a facility
  • Just a visualization of moving assets, no task management or inventory management
  • Level 0: Traditional legacy warehouse management systems based on scanning and inventory management without dynamic in-motion RTLS capabilities
Locanis Site Optimizer 360°

Supply Chain Execution System

Transport Event


Plan, predict and proactively control inbound and outbound transport movements to improve site productivity

Warehouse & Production Task Management

Automatically assign and control all tasks and physical movements in 3D interactive real-time data visualization for all types of all in-motion assets, resources as well as inventories and AMHS

In-motion  Asset


Manage and control all types of in-motion assets, resources and inventories as well as AMHS equipment in use

After a long search we found Locanis and their Site Optimizer 360° Supply Chain Execution System. SCES is the central brain that holistically orchestrates all site processes and technologies involved in our warehouse and production logistics

- One of the “Top-2” global truck manufacturers -



Automatically optimize yard operations with automatic bay assignment for inbound and outbound trucks

Labor & Resource


Automatically track, alert and report the activities related to task completion and physical movements by all resources (manual and all in-motion assets, resources and inventories)

Warehouse & Production Inventory Management

3D interactive real-time data visualization, dynamic control and optimization of warehouse and production location inventory

The Only