US Patent No: US 11,113,655 B2 Controlling industrial trucks in a warehouse

We are happy to share with you our new patent US 11,113,655 B2, “CONTROLLING INDUSTRIAL TRUCKS IN A WAREHOUSE”, approved September 7, 2021. The patent is a continuation of application No. 14/721,850, filed on May 26 2015, now Pat. No. 10,304,025.

Our patent and software products reflect an entirely new business model that helps our customers to master the challenges of growing network complexity and competitive threats. As a result, we are adding a paradigm shift in the execution of business processes.

  • Site Optimizer 360⁰ Warehouse Management System is the first WMS built upon RTLS (real-time locating systems) that use in-motion position technology (X/Y/Z) to execute tasks and track resources in the warehouse. This is a significant paradigm shift from traditional WMS that had no explicit location awareness – the only location information being stored in a database – and relied on manually scanning items at every interaction.
  • Site Optimizer 360⁰ creates a dynamic, digital twin of the site’s operation tracking, controlling and optimizing all inventory moves for both manual and automated resources.
  • Our patented task management software algorithms take advantage of its RTLS capabilities to optimize the flow of material handling equipment and inventory across the site, without manual scanning, typical of other Warehouse Management Systems.

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