Directed and Orchestrated Task Distribution to Assets and Resources

  • Aging
  • Dependencies
  • Priorities
  • Position
  • Type of Asset
  • Type of Resource
  • Skillset
  • Security
  • Safety

…and more

Trucks, Yard, Inbound and Outbound


AGVs and AGFs

Tugger Trains


Picking, Kitting, Assembly and Error Handing


  • All you need and more. In ONE intelligent system to optimize your sites and site network.
  • All logistics processes, are controlled, guided and monitored, in real-time.
  • Manual start (triggers) and manual control of tasks and execution decisions of processes are to be avoided.
  • All tasks and movements are logged in real-time with history, to always provide transparency over the operations.
  • All processes/triggers are exposed by API to allow usage of automation and external equipment. The API needs enough security measures to avoid unpermitted access.
  • Lean IT-landscape. Very cost-efficient to run and maintain.
  • 99,99% uptime. Increase productivity, efficiency  and customer satisfaction.
  • Optimize resources. Go from manual-run operations to system-run operations.
  • Optimize assets. Automatic and system-run transport orders, no manual decisions.
  • Real-time transparency. No more “go and see” or “search and find” and other “errors”.
  • Warehouse utilization. Improve and optimize the use for racks, bins and other areas.
  • Increased safety. Increase safety for operators, assets, visitors and others.
  • Environmental impact. Decrease CO2 emissions and decrease of energy use.