Unique patented execution advantages to your customer supply chain operations

The Only Patented E2E Supply Chain Execution System
Built On RTLS

Patented AI Algorithms

Our patented (US Patent 10,304,025 May 25 2019 and US Patent 11,113,655 September 7 2021) AI-engine are using unique push-task technology where our software automatically “push” rule-based tasks to the right resources (machines or humans) for the right reason and at the right time, using a variety of rules, such as aging, dependencies, priorities, in-motion position, capacity, skillset, security and others. 

One system to manage humans and machines

One patented (AI) system that seamlessly coordinate the tasks for mix fleet of robots, vehicles and humans




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Central Task Queue(s)


Central Task Logic


Central Task Synchronization



One system with a patented AI-engine (“the brain”) seamlessly control rule-based tasks for robotics, vehicles and humans.