What is a patented Supply Chain Execution Software built upon position technology (RTLS)?

Uniquely developed to use dynamic location (RTLS position technology) sensors that are attached to in-motion humans and machines.

Patented rule-based task management using actual dynamic position of humans, machines and material when distributing tasks, without the need to scan.

Site Optimizer 360° centralizes task management logic to seamlessly orchestrate execution of all logistics tasks to humans and machines in ONE intelligent system.

Site Optimizer 360⁰


Connect to your existing systems (ERP, WMS etc.) to “boost” and get a 3D digital twin of your vehicles and operators with intelligent patented AI algorithms.

Patented task management that seamlessly and cross-functional synchronize and optimize all tasks to humans and machines in one system.

Built upon the use of RTLS technology for in-motion intelligent task management. 100% transparency for all your business processes.

Unique 3D work view for operators and management, self-learning and visual task distribution makes it easy to onboard new staff.

Site Optimizer 360⁰

Warehouse Management System

The only WMS on the market built upon RTLS with a 3D in-motion digital twin of inventories, resources and clear accountability and real-time KPIs on all levels.

3D real-time digital twin of the E2E operations and processes uses patented algorithms to holistically optimize all resources on the site.

Synchronizes and optimizes all tasks for manual and automated material handling equipment with built-in dynamic RTLS capabilities.

An Extreme level of standard and advanced WMS functionalities supports low-medium-complex operations, easy to use and scale-up.

Site Optimizer 360⁰

Supply Chain Execution System

The 360° SCES is a unique software built to seamlessly digitize logistics tasks for machines and humans in the complex yard, storage and production environments.

The only software in the world that replace task management logic for AMHS and orchestrate tasks for machines and humans in ONE system.

Support low-medium-high complexity sites using patented rule-based push task technology with minimal or no need to scan.

A task-driven software built to automate, orchestrate and optimize the “flow” of material through your yard, warehouse and production.