“Locanis LES, the brain that will steer the processes and technologies in use”

ONE system to control all physical movements of parts through your entire operations

AGV/AGF/FLT for Material Handling

  • Pick-up and drop-off locations
  • Communication with AGV systems
  • Communication with other systems

Logistics Coordination

  • Responsible for creating transfer orders based on triggers received
  • Unique identification of workers, assets and machines
  • Communication with other systems

E-Kanban Extension

  • Pick-up and drop-off locations
  • Unique identification of racks, bins etc.
  • Receiver of replenishment triggers


  • Main source of real-time stock level info
  • Location control for material buffer locations used for replenishment
What does the


“By utilizing Real-time Location Tracking Systems (RTLS) technology as a cornerstone of their WMS and Workforce Management Solutions, Locanis has developed a “game changer” in the Supply Chain Execution software market.

Their technology allows them to dynamically optimize task management and task interleaving across the warehouse, reduce lift truck congestion and provide task productivity reporting based on actual warehouse travels paths.

I’ve been in the Supply Chain Execution market since the late 80’s and have global experience with all of the WMS and Workforce Management solutions, the Locanis’ patented software is very unique and has the potential to be very disruptive to the WMS status quo.”

-John Sidell, New Course, Principal and Founder-


Standardization » Automation » Optimization

The Site Optimizer 360° Logistics Execution System uses advanced algorithms and AI to holistically optimize tasks and physical movements of goods, to create the perfect “flow” through your operations


Proven Facts

Increase warehouse capacity 
iconLess empty drives
Increase production capacity
Decrease CO2 emissions
Energy use decrease