What does the


“The Site Optimizer 360° is probably one of the most advanced Warehouse Management Systems on the market today. It is generating a 3D real-time digital view of the warehouse and uses advanced algorithms to holistically optimize tasks and physical movements of goods, to create the perfect “flow” through your operations and remarkable efficiency gains on all levels.”

-One of the “Big Three” Consulting Firms-


ONE logistics system covering all processes in the warehouse, production area and control your assets and resources in real-time


More cost-efficient for both Capex and Opex compared to traditional systems


Extreme level of standard functionalities, coding is replaced by config, enable or disable, user friendly


Months instead of years


Unique 3D way of working, both for control center and the operators

Site Optimizer

Warehouse Management System

The Site Optimizer 360° Warehouse Management System gives you 100% real-time transparency and proactive control all the way through your supply chain. Cutting-edge algorithms, integrated execution hardware, intelligent sensors, collaboration and integration with other systems. The Site Optimizer 360° WMS provides an unmatched level of functionality by using standard content (Plug & Play), intelligent software, hardware and with a unique 3D overview user experience

Real-time transparency

Real-time transparency

Real-time transparency with predictive and proactive analytics all the way through your warehouse operations

Optimization & efficiency increase

Optimization & efficiency increase

Cutting-edge algorithms and holistic push-task technology guarantees optimization and efficiency increase

Easy to integrate

Easy to integrate

Easy to integrate and collaborate with other systems, sensors and execution hardware

Brings down Capex & Opex costs

Brings down Capex & Opex costs

The Site Optimizer is a product with an extreme level of standardized functionalities that brings down your Capex and Opex costs dramatically

  • ASN Data Receiving (validation, information collection)
  • Yard Management and Bay Assignment
  • Transport Unit Management
  • Goods Receipt and Invoice Verification
  • Incoming Goods Inspection (unrestricted / restricted)
  • Put-away Bin Determination
  • Slotting Optimization
  • Storing
  • Internal Routing
  • Deconsolidation
  • Returns of Goods/Reverse Logistics
  • Goods Receipt Optimization
  • Advanced Returns Management
  • Cross Dock Management
  • Track Inventory Transactions
  • Safety Management System
  • Transportation Cross Docking
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

and more…

  • Slotting & Rearrangement
  • Inventory Counts / Record Data Accuracy (quantity of goods stored in the location and bin)
  • Track Lot Numbers (Batch) and Inventory Serial Numbers
  • Inventory Safety Stock Management
  • Replenishment of Goods
  • Advanced Fulfillment
  • Freight Order Management
  • Kit to Stock
  • Production Supply
  • Automatic Labor and Asset Management
  • Opportunistic Cross Docking
  • Merchandise Distribution and Cross Docking
  • Track Inventory Transactions
  • Safety Management System
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

and more…

  • Order Deployment
  • Route Determination
  • Work Management
  • Picking Location and Bin Determination
  • Warehouse Order Creation
  • Work Assignment
  • Picking, Packing and Staging
  • Loading and Goods Issue
  • Kit to Order
  • Manual Outbound Deliveries
  • Execution Constraint Management
  • Semi-system Guided Work Management
  • Track Inventory Transactions
  • Safety Management System
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

and more…

Support Functions


  • Ultra-Wide Band, Laser Technology, RFID, Mobile Devices, AGV/AGF, Conveyors, Robots Integration Enablement, Hardware and Sensors
  • ESOA(Electrical Service Oriented Architecture) Integration Enablement
  • Import/Export Management and System Integration
  • EH&S (Environmental Health & Service) Integration
  • Location (Multi-Plants, Storages, Bins) Technology
  • Forklift Guidance System
  • Task Interleaving and Directed Task Distribution
  • Forklift Navigation XYZ-Positioning (UWB and others)
  • Unique Central Pool “Push-Task” Technology
  • 3D Graphical Layout
  • Individual Multi-Language – All User Levels
  • Goods Weight Control
  • Material handling Flow Control System
  • ERP, Transport Integration (LES: Logistics Execution System and Transport Management)
  • Multiple EAN Code Control
  • Cartonization and Consolidation