Traditional offering: “Silo“ – based task automation



Lift Trucks


  • Existing legacy systems do not truly integrate with in-motion assets and have “silos of automation” within the operations
  • Existing legacy solutions are not based on RTLS and can not synchronize and optimize tasks across all automation platforms

Site Optimizer 360° offering: “Holistic and optimized“ end-to-end supply chain intelligence in ONE system

  • Locanis Site Optimizer 360° Supply Chain Execution System (“SCES”) is the only RTLS-based software that overcomes the traditional “silo“-based framework
  • Locanis Site Optimizer 360° SCES, with the use of RTLS, holistically orchestrates and optimizes all tasks and resources to create the perfect flow through your operations.

Disruptive Technology

US patent number: 10304025

  • “Controlling industrial trucks in a warehouse”
  • Patent comprises…
    1. transmission of driving orders derived from transport orders…
    2. using defined rules (such as aging, dependencies, priorities, skillset, security and others)…
    3. from a server to vehicles (such as forklift trucks, pallet jacks, AGVs, cranes and others)…

    … within a site (e.g. a production line, a storage facility, a distribution center)

  • Directed task distribution as per patent, is only possible with Locanis‘ IP

1 Server generates driving order

2 Distribution of tasks based on various criteria or “rules“, to different resources

3 Server communicates with vehicles that transport cargo

Locanis’ patent


  • Locanis patent, intelligent control of assets in all types of environments, such as production, warehouse and yard etc.
  • Locanis patent covers all types of (automated) material handling equipment, such as forklifts, carts, tugger trains, AGVs, AIVs, pallet stackers, wagons, cranes etc.
CAGR +20.1%
The Locanis Site Optimizer 360° is the

only SCES software developed and based on the use of RTLS technology

What is an SCES based on a Real-Time Location System?

  • Locanis’ SCES is the only software that is developed to include dynamic location sensors that are attached to various in-motion assets, resources and inventories such as forklifts, AGVs, robots, manual operators or even a person walking through the facility
  • Utilizing unique IDs, the Locanis’ SCES can dynamically locate and track these tags / assets and provide dynamic information about performance and pinpoint position (X, Y, Z)

So why is this disruptive and unique?

Locanis Site Optimizer 360° solution is the only one that can provide the following features:

  • True real-time, accurate pinpoint mapping of all operational in-motion assets, resources and inventories on the site (forklifts, AGVs, robotics etc.) as well as true dynamic view of granular inventory
  • License plate control of inventory without the requirement to scan bar codes for each movement
  • Labor management based on actual travel paths, not forecasted engineered paths
  • Intelligent rule-based task management for all site task movements based on actual operational in-motion assets, resources and inventories, not the last location scanned (method used by all legacy WMS solutions)
  • Holistic optimization of in-motion assets, resources and inventories
  • Only SCES with US patent based on optimized task management
  • Think Uber vs. traditional taxi dispatch
The Only