Locanis Announces New Patent for its Technology used in USA

Locanis Announces New Patent for its LES and WMS in USA

BERLIN, Germany, June 26, 2018 – Locanis AG, a provider of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Logistics Execution Software products, today announced the issuance of US Patent Number 10,304,025 B2 for “Controlling industrial trucks in a warehouse,” issued on May 28, 2019.

The patented technology.

“Transmitting driving orders, derived from transport orders using defined rules such as aging, dependencies, priorities, skillset, security and others, from a server to vehicles such as forklift trucks, pallet jacks, automated guided vehicles, cranes and others within a production line, a stocking area, a storage facility, a distribution center, a loading station, a container, truck loading dock, a truck, a boxcar, a CEP service, a cross dock, a port, a container port, or a staging area, warehouse, production site, yard and others,” is protected by the patent and belongs to Locanis AG.


The patented technology involves unique developed AI algorithms that benefit existing and new customers to automate their operations.

  • Go from a manual decision-based operation to a system-run, task directed and optimized environment.
  • Efficient utilization of inventory, resources and assets.
  • Real-time transparency through your entire operations.
  • Ability to control manual lift trucks as well as AGV’s cranes and autonomous vehicles with one software application
  • Opportunity to create full tracking of all inventory via LPs while operating in a scan-less environment
  • Increased safety for operators, assets and visitors.
  • Interoperability through standard APIs.
  • Holistic and orchestrated End-2-End optimization.

“this USA patent protects our Intellectual Property and strengthens the competitive advantage to our Site Optimizer LES solution.” stated Bengt Tuner, Chief Executive Officer of Locanis. “After many years of work, we are proud to be able to protect, our unique algorithms in the US.”

About Locanis

Locanis (www.locanis.com) develops software for logistics execution. Our main products are the Site Optimizer LES (Logistics Execution System), Warehouse Management System, Operations Booster System, Mobile Unit Management System and Transport Event Management system.

For further information contact:

Bengt Tuner
Chief Executive Officer

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