Floating pallet syndrome is history with Site Optimizer 360⁰

One of the most common issues in warehouse operations is the “floating pallet syndrome”. A short description of the syndrome is that operators do not place the pallet at the correct location, and when they have a lot to do, they put the pallets in the aisles or other places. Then, when the next forklift comes to pick up goods, the pallet is moved again and again…..the floating pallet syndrome. This causes a lot of issues and extra work, such as “go-and-see”, “search-and-find”, and inventory discrepancies.

With the Site Optimizer 360⁰, the floating pallet syndrome is history and let us explain the solution.

SO360 and its patented software use in-motion position technology to identify the position of individual pallets. If an operator put the pallet in the wrong location or the aisles or any other place, the SO360, due to its dynamic capacity, will know in real-time where the “wrong” pallet is placed (X/Y/Z). The unique part is that wrongly placed pallets will be treated like any other inventory, even if placed at the wrong location.


  • Site Optimizer 360⁰ uses patented AI algorithms and in-motion position technology to identify (X/Y/Z) and control wrong placed inventory without the need to scan.
  • Wrongly placed pallets (operator mistakes) or other errors are covered and treated in our software as normal business processes, no more “search-and-find”, “go-and-see”, and inventory discrepancies.

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