Daimler Trucks Asia and Locanis

Site Optimizer 360° Supply Chain Execution System (“SCES”)

Factory of the Future – Logistics.

Daimler Trucks Asia’s vision is to have fully flexible material replenishment and automated workforce allocation, considering daily changes and challenges of the production schedule. The prerequisite is real-time parts and capacity tracking throughout the whole supply chain. Real-time control of parts supply and automated execution with pattern recognition is crucial for reaching our vision.

The Site Optimizer 360° SCES from Locanis is the solution that supports our vision and future flexible adaptions. Locanis SCES consolidates all data and respective execution commands in our “FUSO Control Tower,”  and it steers the plant replenishment, controlling all kinds of autonomous vehicles and logistics workers based on parts consumption and predictive demand triggers.

In combination with the data of our in-/ and outbound supplies, SCES dynamically calculate needed capacities, and flexibly optimize our processes based on our production schedules and parts availability. SCES provides a 3D digital twin using ultra-wideband from Ubisense and in-motion dynamic tracking of movements. 3D visualization for our operators, predictive, prescriptive process information, and continuous site optimization capabilities to our planning teams.

Locanis SCES opens the door for future process control and optimization in a still unknown number of options. The next step for Fuso and Locanis is to attach AI patterns to automate the decision-making based on KPIs.

“For us, there is no other system or partner on the market that can better support our Factory of Future vision.”

–Simon Schmid
Head of Supply Chain Planning & Operations Mitsubishi FUSO Trucks
Project Lead Factory of the Future – Logistics

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