COVID-19 Social Distancing and Operator Contact Tracing in Warehouse and Production environments

Locanis Site Optimizer 360° SCES include social distancing and operator safety tracing as a standard functionality in their WMS.

Locanis Site Optimizer 360° Supply Chain Execution System includes YARD, WMS, LMS, WES, WCS and are the only software in the world that have Real-Time Location Technology and location sensors (UWB, Lidar, Laser, RFID, Bluetooth etc.), built-in as standard functionality.

True real-time, accurate pinpoint mapping of all operational in-motion assets, resources, and inventories on the site (Yard Jockey, Lift Trucks, AGVs, Robotics, manual, etc.) as well as true dynamic view of granular inventory.

RTLS tags are attached to assets and resources and with pinpoint position, Locanis SCES dynamically use the RTLS tags to control, run and visualize all assets and resources,  in 3D real-time.

Intelligent rule-based task management for all site task movements based on actual operational in-motion assets, resources, and inventories.

Social Distancing in Your Operations

By utilizing geofencing, Locanis SCES control that all assets and resources keep the correct distance. In case the distance is violated, SCES will alert with warning signals to the operators and the incident is saved in SCES.

All in-motion movements are recorded and saved in the Site Optimizer 360° SCES, should any resource test positive to COVID-19, SCES recording show all operators (or visitors) who were in contact with the person testing positive and the correct measures can be taken to keep safety for the operators at the highest level and avoid the risk, that the operations needs to be shut down.

With Locanis Site Optimizer it is possible to track and record the in-motion position of assets, resources, and visitors.

Other Safety Functions

Due to the 3D interactive functionality and the use of RTLS and geofencing, our customers can create a safe work environment in the SCES.

  • Define pathways for visitors and warning signals in case not followed
  • Control that only certain amount and / or type of operators are allowed in defined and mapped areas
  • Automatic warning signals when operators and assets (forklifts etc.) come to close to each other.

Work in 3D interactive mode, predictive and prescriptive real-time analytics help you to keep your operations safe and solve issues even before they become a problem.

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