Case Study

Leading international truck manufacturer


  • Large production site with multiple buildings
  • 80-100.000 medium and heavy sized trucks are manufactured per year
  • Entire production process is organized just in time (“JIT”)
  • The site is running on manual processes supported by passive IT systems
  • Legacy WMS solutions are inadequate due to lack of RTLS capabilities

Customer challenges

  • Eliminate “search & find” and “go & see”
  • Invest in technology to integrate with automation, provide inventory visibility and increase efficiency
  • To integrate with existing in-plant host systems
  • Develop standard processes across different use cases

Reasons for choosing Site Optimizer 360° SCES

  • Resource management – automatic assignment of tasks to forklifts, AGVs, tugger trains, carts, AIFs, pallet stackers and human operators based on RTLS
  • 3D interactive real-time software – automate all in-plant logistics processes
  • Kanban / Replenishment Processes automatically receive triggers and Kanban signals to create transport orders
  • Location mapping – system-based location codes of inbound, buffer, racks supermarkets, bins and other supply areas
  • Traditional WMS – check-in trucks, yard & dock, goods receiving, inventory levels, inventory locations and goods issue
  • System controlled in-plant processes repacking, kitting, assembly, pre-assembly, machining and sequencing
  • System interfaces coordinate communications with existing systems (MES, PP, ERP etc.) and new subsystems (AGF, AGV, control systems, RFID etc.)

Customer benefits

ONE system that controls, automates and  orchestrates all in-plant logistics processes

  • 3D interactive real-time data visualization of inbound goods, inventory, locations, assets, resources and others
  • Replace manual decisions with 3D interactive push-task technology, using RTLS data in-motion technology, sensors and other triggers
  • > 99.99% system uptime
  • Less than 6 months business case
  • Increased process standardization, system easy to roll-out to other sites globally
Case Study

International beverage producer


  • FMCG company with a focus on production and distribution of beverages
  • Complex site with multiple buildings
  • Production of approx. 5 million hectoliters of beverages per year
  • Loading and unloading of approx. 500 vehicles per day (during high-season)
  • Flexible production: if demand increases e.g. due to good weather, more volumes is being produced

Customer challenges

  • Traceability by pallet
  • Manual operations without any system support
  • Eliminate scanning by using RTLS technology
  • Optimize assets and decrease CO2 emissions
  • Flexible production
  • Workforce safety without compromising efficiency

Reasons for choosing Site Optimizer 360° SCES

  • Eliminate scanning by using RTLS technology
  • 100% transparency of all warehouse processes
  • Reduction of forklift fleet and resources
  • Ability to eliminate physical inventories
  • Traceability; license plate tracking of every pallet, which is required by German law
  • Paperless warehouse

Customer benefits

  • 50% reduction of the forklift fleet and resources
  • > 99.99% system uptime
  • Less than 6 months business case
  • 100% 3D interactive control of all warehouse processes, inventory, assets and resources
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Storage capacity optimization (chaotic storage)
  • Reduction in empty runs (dead heading)
  • Increase in customer satisfaction due to less errors, tours etc.
  • Replacement of manual decisions with system- run operations
What does the


The most advanced Supply Chain Execution System that I am aware of in the market. It is generating a 3D real-time digital twin of the end-to-end operations and the adjacent processes and uses advanced algorithms to holistically optimize all assets and resources on the site

—One of the global “Big Three”
strategy consultancy firms

After a long search we found Locanis and their Site Optimizer 360° Supply Chain Execution System. It is the central brain that holistically orchestrates all site processes and technologies involved in our warehouse and production logistics

—One of the “Top 2”
global truck manufacturers

The Only