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“By utilizing Real-time Location Tracking Systems (RTLS) technology as a cornerstone of their WMS and Workforce Management Solutions, Locanis has developed a “game changer” in the Supply Chain Execution software market.

Their technology allows them to dynamically optimize task management and task interleaving across the warehouse, reduce lift truck congestion and provide task productivity reporting based on actual warehouse travels paths.

I’ve been in the Supply Chain Execution market since the late 80’s and have global experience with all of the WMS and Workforce Management solutions, the Locanis’ patented software is very unique and has the potential to be very disruptive to the WMS status quo.”

-John Sidell, New Course, Principal and Founder-
Clear and structured


  • Questionnaire

    Step 1

    FIT/GAP analysis in a structured document

  • Site Analysis

    Step 2

    Site Analysis AS-IS and TO-BE business process consolidation

  • Concept

    Step 3

    The TO-BE concept, process consolidation and automation

  • Return Of Investment (ROI)

    Step 4

    The TO-BE automation and optimization process